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Urban Farming Guys - Kansas City, MO


URBAN FARMING GUYS < a must-see, KC!
favorite > Bio-Gas (methane) Digesters



Watch “In Transition 1.0” on VIMEO:


In Transition 1.0 from Transition Towns on Vimeo.

Transition the movie :)

Other sources:

Buy the DVD (In Transition 1.0) VIDEO

Transition Towns video source page


## To act, or not to act…

… don’t get stuck in a negative mode… we have options! ===

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The Story of Cap & Trade from Story of Stuff Project on Vimeo.

The Story of Cap & Trade is a fast-paced, fact-filled look at the leading climate solution being discussed at Copenhagen and on Capitol Hill. Host Annie Leonard introduces the energy traders and Wall Street financiers at the heart of this scheme and reveals the “devils in the details” in current cap and trade proposals: free permits to big polluters, fake offsets and distraction from what’s really required to tackle the climate crisis. If you’ve heard about Cap & Trade, but aren’t sure how it works (or who benefits), this is the film is for you.


From: Midwest Permaculture

Midwest Permaculture

“The Case for Permaculture”
Free 18-Part ‘YouTube’ Video Series
All 18 parts are uploaded now. I recommend that you start with the overview or the ‘trailer’ as we call if you just want an idea of what is in the series. This is the foundational information we give every student who takes a training with us.

Access the 18-Part YouTube Video Series




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URBAN FARMING GUYS < a must-see, KC!
favorite > Bio-Gas (methane) Digesters