Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a catalyst for making the transition from fossil fuel dependency to the development of resilient communities. The transition process aims at re-localization — the development of local self-reliance primarily with food, energy, and transportation.  A declining fossil fuel energy supply and climate instability presents us with great opportunities and challenges.  By thinking and working together we can create resilient communities that consume much less carbon energy and yet produce happier, more fulfilling places for all of us.


Our mission is to provide a resource for people in the greater Kansas City area – to inform and educate individuals and groups who are interested in accomplishing a functional (non-catastrophic)and just transition from our current globalized, corporatized, unjust, fossil-fuel-based society to a new one based on localized (community-based) sustainability, renewable energy, permaculture, and an inclusive community & economy that works fairly for everyone.


We are guided by the following values:
  1. Re-localization: Developing local self-reliance in meeting basic human needs.
  2. Community Regeneration: Re-establishing local interdependence and reclaiming power in our neighborhoods, communities and workplaces.
  3. Sustainability: Meeting our needs without degrading the ecosystem for future generations.
  4. Equity: Meeting basic needs for all.