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ECO-RADIO - Tuesdays at NOON on KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City's Community Radio Station

This archive mirror's the local content of KKFI's Eco-Radio KC ~ syndicated content (Bioneers, etc...) has been removed. The parts of each show we can currently archive (to-date) are listed below.

Archived Eco-Radio KC shows are also available for free in the iTunes Store. Download your favorite program or subscribe to the whole Eco-Radio KC series.

Link to MP3:
Sep 1, 2009 Steve Mann – Rich Sauter Urban Bee-keeping
Sep 8, 2009 John Kurmann – Craig Wolfe Heartland Renewable Energy Association – Alternative Power Resources
Sep 15, 2009 Reenie Carmack - Dan Kaur Weamer The Healing Power of Enzymes
Sep 22, 2009 Richard Mabion - Steve LaNasa, Donette Alonzo & Rachel Leonard 60th Anniversary for Donnelly (Community) College (KCK) - Local Sustainability Initiatives
Sep 29, 2009 Richard Mabion & Steve Mann – Katherine Kelly, Brooke Salvaggio & Robert Josephine (RJ) New Millennium Urban Agriculture in KC
Oct 6, 2009 Michael Almon, Katie Nixon, Steve Moring Permaculture – Sustainability - Transition
Oct 13, 2009 John Kurmann - May Boeve Global Climate Change 350-dot-ORG
Oct 20, 2009 Reenie Carmack - Mary Sue Carter Vaccines: Pros & Cons& Alternatives
Oct 27, 2009 Richard Mabion - Laura Caldwell Riverkeepers - Friends of the Kaw
Nov 3, 2009 Steve Mann - Chris Taylor Food Fight: The Documentary (Film)
Nov 10, 2009 John Kurmann - Rich Heffern Consumerism: Effects of The Holiday Shopocalypse
Nov 17, 2009 Reenie Carmack - Rob Amerine Bee Venom Therapy
Nov 24, 2009 Richard Mabion - Lisa Merton Film – TAKING ROOT (Environmental Justice)
Dec 1, 2009 Steve Mann - Wes Jackson The Land Institute - Perennial Crops – Permaculture
Dec 8, 2009 John Kurmann - Gretchen Wieland, Jill DeWitt Climate Change
Dec 15, 2009 Reenie Carmack - Mary Sue Carter Sugar: Dietary Effects
Dec 22, 2009 Richard Mabion - Sarah Washington, Laura McDonald Prelude to the 2010 “Breaking the Silence” Conference
Dec 29, 2009 Richard Mabion A Call-In Show - Subject: Stimulus Expenditures
Jan 5, 2010 Steve Mann - Katie Nixon Paradise Gardens - Food Forests
Jan 12, 2010 John Kurmann - May Boeve Global Climate Change - 350-dot-ORG … post-Copenhagen
Jan 19, 2010 Reenie Carmack - Natalie George Cafe Gratitude – Kindred Spirit, Relationship workshop
Jan 26, 2010 Richard Mabion - Nolan Ellison Unemployment, Job Creation & the Challenge of the Green Economy in the Urban Core Community
Feb 2, 2010 Steve Mann - Beth Low Urban Farmers Re-design Kansas City – KCCUA’s Annual Meeting – Death by Zoning
Feb 9, 2010 John Kurmann - Jerry Shechter Is KC going to be the Greenest City? ~ Kansas City’s environmental plan.
Feb 16, 2010 Reenie Carmack - Jane and Loran VanBenthusen Exploring the Internal Environment of our Bodies – Cultured & Fermented Foods.
Feb 23, 2010 Richard Mabion - Lori Blankinship Environmental Medicine - Exploring the value of non-traditional medicine for people of color.
Mar 2, 2010 John Kurmann - Dennis Murphy Is Kansas City Ready for Green? ~ An interview with the Chief Environmental Officer, Kansas City, MO - Dennis Murphey.
Mar 9, 2010 John Kurmann - Emily Akins The 2010 EAT LOCAL! Expos - KC Food Circle's Annual Exhibition(s) of Local Organic & Free-Range Farmers - are coming soon!
Mar 16, 2010 Reenie Carmack - Delena Stout (Brookside Barkery) Alternative Medicine for our Pets: How whole foods and natural care of our pets is essential to their health and longevity.
Mar 23, 2010 Richard Mabion - Paul Grahovac Rallying an Army of Volunteer Support for Urban Agriculture.
Mar 30, 2010 Richard Mabion - John Burris Two Black Men Talking - a One-on-One conversation with John Burris on local environment and social justice issues.
Apr 6, 2010 Steve Mann w/ Dr Daniel Wildcat, Dir. of Environmental Research Studies at Haskell Indian Nations University (Lawrence, KS) A discussion on Cultural Climate Change and Indigenous Realism with the author of 'Red Alert! Saving the planet with Indigenous Knowledge.'
Apr 13, 2010 John Kurmann w/ Amanda Graor - Senior Air Quality Planner (MARC), Stephanie Cole (Sierra Club) Hey! We're BREATHING here! ~ a discussion on local air quality and related environmental factors.
Apr 20, 2010 Reenie Carmack- Alternative & Energy Medicines Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils & Flower Essences to help heal Body, Mind & Spirit.
Apr 27, 2010 Richard Mabion w/Isaac Jefferson, Nathan Barnes & Chester Owens Environmental Social Justice in KC - The Political Ecology of Wyandotte County, KS.
May 4, 2010 Steve Mann w/ Katie Nixon, Dan Dermitzel, Corinne Page, Councilman John Sharp Urban Agriculture Advocacy in Kansas City, Missouri
May 11, 2010 John Kurmann w/Stephanie Cole & Ron McLinden Hey! We're BREATHING here! ~ a continuing discussion on local air quality and related environmental factors.
May 18, 2010 Reenie Carmack - Alternative & Energy Medicine Interview - Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, Kriya Yoga's Inter-national Teacher & Spiritual Leader.
May 25, 2010 Richard Mabion w/Kansas State Senator Chris Steineger The State of Kansas Environmental Policy Craftmanship
Jun 1, 2010 Steve Mann w/Marty Kraft No-Till Gardening in KC
Jun 8, 2010 John Kurmann w/Alicia Dressman of Physicians for Social Responsibility How Local Pollution Affects Your Health ~ FOCUS: The Kansas City Plant
Jun 15, 2010 Reenie Carmack w/ Heidi VanPelt-Belle, master "Raw Food Chef" & holistic health adviser FüD: KC's New Local Raw Food Restaurant
Jun 22, 2010 Richard Mabion w/John Burris, Isaac Jefferson, Nathan Barnes, Chester Owens Community Communications: From the Community, *TO* the Community
Jun 29, 2010 Richard Mabion w/John Burris Two Black Men Talking: A one-on-one conversation ~ Local Environment & Social Justice issues.
Jul 6, 2010 Steve Mann w/Katie Nixon & Toby Grotz Food Not Lawns KC: Lawn Eradication 101
Jul 13, 2010 John Kurmann w/ Gretchen Wieland of Repower America & Craig Volland of KS Sierra Club The Gulf oil disaster and what we need to do to avoid future oil catastrophes.
Jul 20, 2010 Steve Mann w/ Maureen Veto Slater Conscious Life Style, Gratitude and Blissfulness in an Eco-Consciousness framework.
Jul 27, 2010 Richard Mabion w/David Ruble Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Aug 3, 2010 Steve Mann Food Forests, Edible Landscaping, 2nd Annual Kaw Permaculture Tour
Aug 10, 2010 John Kurmann w/Craig Volland Alternate Transportation: Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Technology
Aug 17, 2010 Reenie Carmack w/Dan "The Radon Man" Horine Radon Be Gone
Aug 24, 2010 Richard Mabion w/Chad Manspeaker Green My Job, PLEASE!l
Aug 31, 2010 Richard Mabion w/Carole Sanders Urban Ecosystem Healthcare Crises
Sep 7, 2010 Steve Mann & John Kurmann w/Jeff Moyer of the Rodale Institute OUR FIRST 1-HOUR SHOW! (10MB) Sustainable Organic Agriculture
Sep 14, 2010 John Kurmann w/Anna Goldstein & Sarah Tuttle of 350KC What will it take to end the climate crisis
Sep 21, 2010 Reenie Carmack with Dr. Nancy Russell MD SICK PEOPLE CREATE A SICK PLANET
Sep 28, 2010 John Kurmann, Reenie Carmack, Steve Mann and guests Craig Volland, Dr Nicholas Comninellis, and Dr Nancy Russell The health implications of living near one of Kansas Cities coal-fired electric power plants
Oct 5, 2010 Steve Mann w/Toby Grotz NOTHING LASTS FOREVER: Design a whole new energy system that runs on renewable energy well before we run out of fossil fuels
Oct 12, 2010 John Kurmann w/Russ Rudy How to upgrade the energy performance of your home before Winter sets in...
Oct 19, 2010 Reenie Carmack w/Phyllis Cronbaugh Erasing Personal History The Indigenous Way
Oct 26, 2010 Richard Mabion Environmental Education Trends in America
Nov 2, 2010 Richard Mabion & Steve Mann w/Felicia Gokool-Sheikh Collaborating with people of color in the environmental field
Nov 9, 2010 Richard Mabion & John Burris The good, bad & ugly of 2010 for people of color in the environmental movement

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EcoRadio KC is a magazine show, including live segments, prerecorded stories, and interviews. The show is being created by a cooperative team of volunteers made up of local community organizers and activists. We choose a theme for each show which is then produced and hosted by someone from our team. In addition, we draw upon other members of the community as well as area organizations for their knowledge, experience, and ideas. EcoRadio KC explores our interdependence with the rest of the world, showing the connections between the ways we choose to live and the health of the whole community of life. As a result, we plan to cover a wide range of topics, including local & regenerative agriculture, energy conservation & efficiency, justice, ecovillages, alternative medicine, indigenous peoples, clean energy, local food systems, biofuels, the need for multicultural participation in social change, global warming & climate disruption, extinction, green building and chemistry, and consumerism. If you have any questions or comments about the show or would like to get involved with the team that produces it, please send an email to EcoRadioKC (@) gmail. com


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